About Us


Unicorn Makeup Brushes


Coming across good quality and affordable makeup brushes can be as like looking of a Unicorn - they can be elusive. However, at Unicorn Makeup Brush, we turn fantasies into reality. We believe Unicorns can be real! 

We are a dedicated group of makeup entrepreneurs with over a decade experience who believe that great products don't need be super expensive. To achieve great results you need great tools. We believe that we can provide great tools at a great cost. That is why we are laser focused in providing the best quality makeup tools for an affordable price. We have been in the same shoes as many of our clients where great products at a great seem to be as elusive as a Unicorn. You no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars on makeup products. This, right here, is our revolution. We will bring the best products to you at the best prices we can offer, so that your makeup game is on point every single time. So as we said before, Unicorn's can be and ARE real.

If you have any inquires or comments please feel free to contact us: shop@unicornmakeupbrush.com